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Community Group Requests

Naturalist Programs

Open to any community group looking to learn such as 4-H clubs, garden clubs, senior centers, libraries, homeschools, daycares, schools, scout groups and more. Whether it's a field trip in a park or the Park District naturalists bringing nature out to you, your group is bound to learn with a smile! Programs can be tailored to appeal to children or adults, and a wide variety of organizations and group sizes. For questions or to schedule, please email

We can also provide free educational tables at local fairs and festivals. Just let us know what your group would like to learn!

Program Fees: 

  • $40 for an outreach program at your location.
  • $20 for an hour in-park program/$40 for a two-hour, in-park program.
  • Free naturalist programs of an hour or less are available to any Clermont County Library or senior centers. 
  • Minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 participants per session.

More information on field trips and outreach for schools:

Child shows a leaf she found.

In Park Programs

Nature Hike

Hike a trail with the naturalist and learn about the flora and fauna we discover along the way. Depending on the season, we will explore the fields, forests, and creeks to search for critters and tracks. Live animal interactions are available upon request.

Home Sweet Home

This program will introduce students to our local habitats and the animals that live within them. Throughout the program students will explore three different types of habitats, meet some native animals that call Ohio home, enjoy hands-on activities and gain a better understanding of the world around us. 

Park Locations: Chilo Lock 34 Park, Shor Park, Sycamore Park, Pattison Park (Lakeside)

Earth Rocks!

Students will become expert junior geologists through interactive studies of the rock cycle, glaciation, soils and fossilization. An exploratory hike takes students on a journey back in time before dinosaurs roamed. Participants will even be able to find and take home their very own fossil from the Little Miami River!

Park Locations: Sycamore Park

Sap to Syrup (offered late January to early March) 

Take a tour of our sugar bush as you follow the process of maple syrup making and samples real maple syrup. Participants will learn how to identify a sugar maple tree and what it takes to turn the clear, sweet sap into delicious maple syrup!

Park Locations: Pattison Park Lodgeside


Indoor/Outdoor Programs

These program can be held at any indoor or outdoor location.

Creatures of the Night

Let's learn about the animals that enjoy the night life! We rarely see them, but Clermont County is full of nocturnal critters like bats, owls, flying squirrels, and minks that only come out at night. Through activities, science demonstrations, and investigation, we’ll learn about the cool adaptations that allow them to master the darkness.


Predators and Prey

What makes a coyote or owl a good hunter? How do rabbits and mice avoiding being caught? Meet some live Ohio animals, examine natural artifacts, and learn about the features that help our local wildlife survive.


Feathered Friends

Ever wonder about the birds outside your window? This program will help you get acquainted with many of Ohio’s common backyard birds and how to attract them to your yard. Join a naturalist to learn basic identification skills, understand bird behaviors, and make a simple pine cone bird treat.


Green Invaders (adult program)

Bush Honeysuckle, Lesser Celandine, Garlic Mustard, and Callery Pear all have something in common. They are green invaders in Clermont County. Learn to identify the most prevalent invasive plants found in our region, what characteristics make them invasive, and how to remove them. We will also discuss how they got here and how they are hurting our natural lands.


Ohio Snakes

Slither into the world of snakes and learn what species roam Ohio. Learn about the adaptations that make snakes special and how to identify the 3 venomous snakes in Ohio. We will meet a live snake, do some snake art, and investigate these beautiful creatures.


Nature is Everywhere!

We’re going outside! People need get outdoors into green spaces and we will take you there. We will investigate the living things around the your location or at the park, search for animal habitats, and see what’s able to co-exist with humans. This program will vary depending on the outdoor space available. Program will be moved indoors during bad weather and cold months. (note: this program requires a pre-visit to the school by a park naturalist.)

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