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School Programs

Clermont County Park District naturalists offer two types of programming options for your school groups, both of which offer  lesson plans or to introduce new science topics or supplement existing lesson plans. Program are designed to be educational , fun and interactive while meeting curriculum standards. Field trips are FREE for up to 45 students and classroom experiences are $20 for up to 30 children. Programs are available for all grade levels in Clermont County. Email to schedule. 

If you are interested in a different program topic, contact us to suggest a new program or to work together and develop something new.

Field Trips

Park field trip are 2 hours long for a maximum of 45 students. We ask you bring at least 3 teachers/chaperones for 45 students. The best days for us are Wednesdays/Thursdays. Free at listed Clermont County Parks.


Home Sweet Home

Grade Level: 1— 6 
This program will introduce students to our local habitats and the animals that live within them. Throughout the program students will explore three different types of habitats, meet our live animals and participate in fun activities and gain a better understanding of the world around us.  
Park Locations: Chilo Lock 34 Park, Shor Park, Sycamore Park
Key concepts: habitat, food chains, carrying capacity, ecosystem, adaptations and needs for survival.

Earth Rocks 

Grade Level: 3 – 8   
Students will become expert Junior Geologists through interactive studies of the rock cycle, glaciation, soils and fossilization. An exploratory hike takes students on a journey back in time before dinosaurs roamed. Program concludes with a fossil hunt where students can take home their very own fossil from the East Fork Little Miami River! 
Park Locations: Sycamore Park 
Key concepts: geology, rock cycle, rock ID, earth materials, erosion, land formation, fossils, minerals

Sap to Syrup (offered late January to early March) 

Grade Level: Pre-K – 6  
Take a tour of our sugar bush as you follow the process of maple syrup making. Students will learn how to identify a sugar maple tree and what it takes to turn the clear, sweet sap into delicious maple syrup! Students will also have the opportunity to tap a Sugar Maple tree and sample the sweet treats straight from the sugar bush. 
Park Location: Pattison Park  
Key concepts: photosynthesis, tree identification, history of maple sugaring

Classroom Experiences

Naturalist visits to classrooms are 45 to 60 minutes long for a maximum of 30 students. The best days for us are Mondays/Tuesdays. These are $20 per program at your location.


Predator and Prey

Grade Level: K – 4 
What makes a coyote or owl a good hunter? How do rabbits and mice avoiding being caught? Meet some live Ohio animals, examine animal artifacts, and learn about the feature that help them survive. An interactive game will help participants recognize the importance of predator/prey relationships and learn about food chains.

Creatures of the Night

Grade Level: K – 4 
Some animals enjoy the night life! We rarely see them but Clermont County is full of nocturnal critters like bats, owls, and flying squirrels that only come out at night. Through activities, science demonstrations, and investigation, we’ll learn about the cool adaptations that allow them to master the darkness.

Native Americans: Cultures and Traditions

Grade Level: 2—6
Learn how Native Americans lived before European settlers arrived. Students will step back in time and learn how Native Americans worked, played and lived in the great forests of Southeast Ohio. Depending on space, program includes interactive games, hike and activities that focus on the tribes of Southeast Ohio.

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