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firetruck on river bank

MIAMI TWP. – The new boat launch at Kelley Nature Preserve got a workout recently.

Miami Township Fire and Emergency Medical Services dropped the inflatable rescue boat from its technical rescue truck into the Little Miami River June 9.

While the rescue itself was called off – nobody on the river was in danger – seeing the technical truck in action at the preserve was a good sign.

The launch op...


As the state of Ohio relaxes restrictions on activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clermont Park District continues adjusting its services.

Beginning June 10, 2020, playgrounds in the Park District re-opened for guests.

The Park District has playgrounds at Shor Park in Union Township, Chilo Lock 34 Park in Chilo and Sycamore Park in Batavia; the new playground at Pattison Park outside Owe...

The Clermont County Gold Rush

In January 1848 James W. Marshall discovered gold in Sutter’s Mill, California sparking a gold rush that saw more than 300,000 people head west in search of their fortunes. While the California gold rush lasted until 1855, very few miners were able to strike it rich and returned home empty handed. But while the allure of gold and riches still occupied the minds of ma...

Forts of the Ohio River
by Ben Morrill, Visitor Center Site Manager

European explorers opened up the land west of the Appalachian Mountains and by the 1700s France and Britain began fighting for control of the Ohio River Valley and its valuable resources. Looking to stake their claims to this new territory, European powers began constructing trading posts and forts along the Ohio River using them ...

Early Explorers of the Ohio River
by Ben Morrill, Visitor Center Site Manager

While Native American tribes had lived along the Ohio River for thousands of years, Europeans saw the Ohio River and the lands west of the eastern seaboard as unexplored and unknown territory. As European began opening up the New World, explorers embarked on journeys to chart this new land. These trips into the heart of ...

People standing around flagpole

JACKSON TWP. – Roll down U.S. Highway 50 and you’ll catch a glimpse of something new looking old.

Dylan McWhorter – a 17-year-old Eagle Scout candidate from Milford High School – recently completed his service project for the Clermont Park District.

He constructed a historically accurate split-rail fence along the road fronting the Hartman Log Cabin on the southeast corner of 50 and Aber Road.


Native Tribes of the Ohio River
by Ben Morrill, Visitor Center Site Manager

Long before European settlers made their way westward the Native American tribes had been living near the Ohio River for thousands of years. In fact, the Ohio River gets its name from a Native American word meaning “great river.” Making use of the land and local resources, these tribes built self-sustaining settlements, fa...

artwork of people on boat

Pirates of the Ohio River
by Ben Morrill, Visitor Center Site Manager

Often when you picture pirates, swashbucklers like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, sailing the ocean plundering ships are usually what come to mind. But oceans aren’t the only place pirates can be found. As the American frontier opened up river pirates posed a serious threat to settlers moving westward down the Ohio River, lying in...

steam locomotive

A Brief History of Steamboats: The End of an Era
by Ben Morrill, Visitor Center Site Manager

While steamboats revolutionized transportation in the early 1800s, another transportation revolution ultimately spelled the end of the steamboat. By the 1890s, trains and railroads were the most popular method of travel in America, while the emergence of automobiles in the early 1900s provided travelers wi...

black and white cartoon of a boat

A Brief History of Steamboats: The Steamboat Era
by Ben Morrill, Visitor Center Site Manager

Following his success with the Clermont, Fulton and Livingston ambitiously set about to find a way to demonstrate their invention to a national audience with a journey from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. Enlisting the help of inventor Nicholas Roosevelt, great grand uncle to future president Theodore Roosevelt...

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